About us

Mission Statement - The soul purpose of PK Property Services is to fulfill the needs of our clients and employees by providing expert guidance & service within the building maintenance industry. To accomplish this, PK Property Services uses a best practices approach when it comes to maintaining a facility to improve not only the appearance of a facility, but to improve the lives & health of anyone working in such a facility. The industry and it’s processes are constantly changing, so must our mindset and approach to keep up with an ever growing demand for quality service. 

PK Property Services is your single-source provider of everything needed to maintain a stellar commercial facility. We specialize in contract cleaning and many other services to help properly maintain commercial facilities. We are proud to use industry-best products that deliver quality results.


Everything from office and warehouse cleaning, construction and tenant move out cleaning services, window washing, emergency cleaning to entrance mats and restroom supplies can be handled by our trustworthy team.


We do not take lightly the importance of a properly maintained facility to our customers, tenants, visitors and staff.


PK Property Services has been in the service industry for over 20 years. We are built on the principle that there are many different ways to service our customers. We pay close attention to our customers' maintenance needs and make every recommendation to improve their facility's appearance.

Our Company

PK Property Services, owned by Paul and Andrew Beckfeld, has been in the service industry for 22 years. Headquartered in St Paul, MN, we service all of the Twin Cities metro area and beyond. Delivering the utmost in quality and professionalism is our number one goal.


Our clients know us best and we encourage you to request a list of references so that you can learn, first hand, the quality of our work.

Head Office

2542 Kasota Avenue

St. Paul, MN 55108

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